Maybe we follow more of society’s conventional perspective than the actual thinking and abilities of an individual and in the end, we fail on individual abilities……….

What if society is actually blocking our opportunities because in most cases we fail to change or take a step forward fearing what society will say, about us, next step. That is the judging made by society.

So the question goes …. ceteris Paribas, like gender, sex, one’s position in society, social beliefs “what determines one’s ability to perform a given role in society??

One may ask themselves why am focusing on this at this very moment ?? with clear evidence provided by the current situation lets focus on women because everything seems normal for men…well talk about men in the coming episode….so the roles played by the female sex is slowly shifting with the changing society…from the past that is the African traditional societies understanding of women’s role in society. To some people this is seen as an abomination if we are to follow our indigenous teachings.


Let’s dig deep into our discussion maybe we can get a better understanding of what am talking about. Looking at the picture below. I took it from down town as you are moving to Namuwongo side is a smart lady enjoying her work as a boda boda rider.


Example two. Along owino street towards Nakivubbo street is a construction site .and most of the unprofessional work like mixing of gravel, carrying bricks is for women. To me that’s beautiful and amazing but to my surprise. Just heard two ladies next to me conversing shamefully that “women no longer respect their nature”.

download (1)


Then there is a mother of three working with a local security company as a security guard, whose husband is a boda boda rider. So after interviewing this woman, she told me that the income she earns is not enough and so she had to look for alternatives. but she has been over challenged especially by her fellow women who discourage her saying that that’s the maximum level of poverty one can be in.

So whole situation here goes what drives gender??sex??, society, religion, or culture??

What if in society roles are not divided according to sex, religion, or culture, tribe ??what if we adopt gender equality maybe we can live better, perhaps we should go radical… so the ball is set rolling

Let’s become better and not bitter.




I  KNOW its hard to believe but ive slowly come to know that youll always have a big impact to my life, even though you are nolonger in it.meeting you changed me as a person and its so natural to expect that you are always  going to affect the way I think and feel about things.

7 Weird Signs You Might Have a Heart Problem | Women's Health

I Have accepted that there are going to be reminders and that they are going to make me sad ….but forgetting you is not an option because there are so many positive things that you brought to my life that I wouldn’t change for the world and try to hold onto those because they are worth saving…….and I hope that somehow you know that youll always mean something to me evenif I don’t mean anything to you anymore.

I hope you know that I will always love you …in some way…in some form….but most of all..i would like to think that I still impact your life positively even after this time and the shots ,,screws ive made.. and whenever I think of you I get a smile not regrets….

Yours once love


Depression lies to you, but it also tells you the truth. And that truth leads to change.
I had been trying to kill the messenger. I wanted to silence my depression, as if I could put my hands over my ears and make the noise stop. But instead, I needed to listen to what my depression was telling me.
In those times, depression felt intractable. It was a heavy stone that I wasn’t strong enough to move. But I think, more subtly, depression can signal change. Pain is a messenger.
And how to listen?
Sit in stillness, observing what thoughts and emotions arise in the silence. No control; only observation.
Meditation is a guide to distinguishing between depression’s truth and lies. Depression tries to trick you: it lies to you (in the form of cognitive distortions like catastrophizing) while sometimes telling you the truth (the genuine pain that you’re in). Meditation separates the truth from the lies.
I relied on meditation to help me recognize the pain I was in. Not only had I run away from my depression, I had chastised myself for even feeling it (“you shouldn’t feel this bad”) then felt guilty for being depressed. Meditation cleared this fog of avoidance and guilt.
It also taught me to stop trying to figure out my depression. Attempting to intellectualize how I felt was a fool’s errand. I had to recognize my depression in a visceral, bodily way.
In the end, my thoughts were just excuses.
I’m still in the process of letting myself be sad sometimes, and I doubt that process will ever truly end. I’m still on medication. But the gray filter over my life has lifted.

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So it’s this time of the semester where by concentration is supposed to be maximum.. I know 😉✨✨ b I can’t hold on something on my heart.. Until it’s out it’s when I’ll settle and do my work…

So in My life I might be someone who has a lot of friends actually excess if you are to judge from an external perspective but that’s a lie. My life is so boring… Like truth is I apend most of my times in my hostel room alone… On my phone bestie and laptop watching or reading.

So the story am sharing next might only be read by the person intended to or a few stalkers if any… If you’ve stayed me you would realise that though I talk too much…. I keep my emotions and love life very private but since nowadays what’s trending is talk to someone 😂😂to avoid depression and suicidal thoughts so let’s band wagon 😀😀.

In the past few weeks or days actually my heart felt like I had reached my destination I. Mean had started spending some quality time with someone probably I’ve yawned too…. You might have watched Ethern Haunt I mean Tom Cruise in mission impossible… If youve been critical enough those missions become possible at the end😀😀😂😂.

So the pic above maybe describes my ego bit this experience is proving my ego wrong.

So why did I choose confession??

Here comes the main body… Truth is hmmm I’ve frozen again let me first take some pills 😀😂😂😂…..

Am back so am trying to understand whether I’ve a weak heart 💜❤… Or my me is actually normal… The least time I’ve actually spent near her has made me develop feelings… This is insane but if anyone is actually reading this ignore this statement it ain’t real😀😀😂😂maybe it’s true maybe it’s not 😂😂philosophical ideologies that’s suicidal actually 😀😀😂😂. Which feelings did u interpret come on 💁💁meant the urge to want…. To keep near someone all time…. Having a quality time with them irrespective of the place.

But truth am no longer lonely like am used to…. Atleast whether it’s ten minutes in a week spend together I appreciate…. The inner feeling improves…. Day by day.

Remember at the end we will stay with only what we love

We will love only what we like

And we will like only what we understand



So business as usual its a Thursday  and for this sem , you know what thursday replaced a friday on the normal timetable. so its this stressing lecture that goes for up to a period of three hours i mean 2 to 5pm. oh my God and am moving its 15 minutes past 2pm am late and i know it! am one of the people in the groups supposed to present so am already stressed t bookrying to add up some few things ……but confidently am moving to class and am ready for the presentation .


SO  reaching class every one seems so excited and talking at their loud tones, so with me trying to figure out what exactly is happening my eyes are moved straight diagonally to the last corner of the lecture room….omg….you know what am already salivating ive seen cake! The birthday girl “bosco”  you know why  bosco?? the reason is just simple she has been the class representative since year one and its now third year and shes still the one …doesn’t she qualifies  to be a dictator because her term expired at the end of first year and she still hold the position. in other words hasn’t she touched the constitution just like jaja bosco???

so its Sarah Aminas birthday and you know what she decided to bring cake in class as a sign of unity you never know some of us may not have the chance of eating her wedding or introduction cake …heheheh just kidding  but all in all the lecture was cancelled u know these things have big people in class boscos protocol.

so have you wondered or thought whether the bd had a birthday boy??? hahah well IMG-20181011-WA0047

you see the boy eating cake …maybe by that lookor lets try out the next pic


This left me blushing ahhh and just reminded me of my first days in class well Sarah Aminah you were one of the first good friends I had and it’s now third year and we are still going strong… Lots of love and more growth #happiest 21st birth day #Minah ❤❤❤❤❤

Till then wyckie as usual

Four lettered “LOVE”

The Word Mistake has a lot to answer for if we could think of it as an Experience and take what ever Lesson it is we have to learn from that experience, that way we will not Judge ourselves, but we will be able to continue to Love Ourselves with Empathy and Compassion..Starve the Ego and Feed your SouL in BlissFuLL Serenity..Let your Heart teach your mind how to love. Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well. Loving in a sense with no attachement, being with a sense of pure existense…There’s A Reason Behind Everything to test our Faith for Living the Lights..There’s Always a Consequence on our Every Steps in Karma of Life..We are the one who Create our own Judgement that leads us till on our Darkest nights of Our Soul but By the Love and Lights lies within Underneath Ourselves we can always find the way to Chances of Forgiveness To Live with Grace and To Love Unconditionally Again..
~Lavie Iya


Have you ever been in a strange place?? Or on a party and you seem to be out of place but you gain some confidence because you can’t escape… That’s what I feel like now. Since my childhood as my fellow age mates were busy “shouting” they wanted to be Doctors, lawyers, pilot’s actually me I wanted to become a TV presenter and literally that’s journalism. Just wanted to get a chance so that I can be writing up something maybe for fun, share my lifestyle, feelings, emotions and even share with the people around me of the Happening events.

So before signing for word press actually I was inspired by someone and that’s the only “blogger” following me 😀😀I know it’s somehow funny😋 but real and she goes by names of Sarah Aminah this stubborn creature.

So here on come😃😛😛a little “bitchy” no longer shy but ready to share the real emotions of me. I know I’ve verbal diarrhea I can decide to talk till Sunday..

So since am new here😂😂let me study the rules and later I can continue. Hope my friend Samson mwine will sign up too.

Am out ✌.